Tuition Bucks/SCRIPS


About the Magnuson Tuition Bucks Program

Magnuson Tuition Bucks is an exciting opportunity for families to accumulate tuition credit. Enrollment is available for families who plan to send their children to MCS in the future, families with children currently enrolled, donors who would like to help another family, persons willing to earn credit for the General MCS Scholarship Fund, and Teachers or Specialists who want to earn credit for their classroom or programs.

Through this program, bulk quantities of gift certificates/cards from hundreds of retailers are purchased at a discount. The certificates are then sold to participating families at face value. The rebate earnings will be split as follows:

The first $200 of rebate earnings will be split:

  • -50% to MCS
  • -50% to Your family’s tuition account*

All rebate earnings over $200 will be split:

  • 25% to MCS
  • 75% to Your family’s tuition account*

* Participants may also choose another family’s tuition account, the MCS Scholarship Fund, the MCS General Fund, or you can select a classroom or specialist area to direct earnings towards.

For example, a family submits an order and payment for a $100 in Barnes & Noble certificates. They receive their $100 in certificates. We receive a 9% discount for Barnes & Noble and if your earnings are below $200 for the year this 9% (or $9.00) is split (50/50) between the ordering family’s Tuition Bucks account ($4.50) and MCS ($4.50). If you have accumulated over $200 in earnings the 9% (or $9.00) is split (75/50) between the ordering family’s Tuition Bucks account ($6.75) and MCS ($2.25). Combine these earnings with purchases made for a couple hundred participating retailers available through the Tuition Bucks program, and the savings can really add up.

Each July, statements are sent to participating families informing them of the tuition credit they’ve earned. Tuition Bucks certificates will be given to families, which they will be able to apply towards their tuition balance.

Currently the Tuition Bucks Program runs year round. During the school year typically orders submitted and paid for online by 9:00p.m. on SUNDAY evenings will be sent home in your child’s backpacks on Friday afternoons. During the summer certificates can be picked up on Thursdays from 5:00 – 5:30p.m. or we will mail them home. The schedule may vary during weeks there are non-school days and holidays. Check the Tuition Bucks Program calendar for ordering deadlines and certificate distribution days and times. Please note, each family has a 4-digit Tuition Bucks account number, which is usually the your oldest child’s student number. If you need to know the correct 4-digit account number contact one of the program coordinators.

If you have questions, need additional information, or have program suggestions please contact the Magnuson Tuition Bucks Program Coordinator: Heather Norman.


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