Magnuson Muse and News – January Newsletter

Online Registration

Enrollment for the 2018-19 school year is open at Magnuson!  Simply go to our website,, and click on Enroll Now.  This year we have implemented a progressive registration fee.  If you register before April 1st you will be charged $50 per child.  From April 2nd to June 1st you will be charged $100 per child.  After that you will be charged $150 per child until registration closes on August 10th.  Details on registration and tuition will be sent home today.  If you have any questions please contact Tiffany Lemke at  New families need to meet with the School Director before enrollment is accepted, and all families are required to read and sign an Admissions Agreement which is to be turned in to Cheri Buelow. 

Partnership Sunday

PARTNERSHIP SUNDAY HAS BEEN POSTPONED.  We are no longer asking families to attend worship at Community of Grace on Sunday, Feb. 11th (although you are always welcome)!  Our opportunity to thank the congregation will come later this spring.  We’ll update you soon!

MCS School Board

I haven’t shared much about the MCS School Board this year, but I want to mention what a great team it is and how much I have appreciated their support.  They have multiple gifts and work hard to uphold the mission and vision of MCS.  Pastor Steve Turnbull has been on the board since Magnuson started in 2004.  Zach Boxrud is the current (and highly competent) president.  He is the one to contact if you have questions or suggestions, and his e-mail is   Our newest board member is Nick Boehland, parent of 1st grader, Ava.  Other members include Perry Pickerign (church member), Connie Dickson (community member), and Brian Donohoo (MCS parent).  Bob Manke (church member providing financial consultation) and Dean Erickson (middle school consultant) attend our monthly board meetings but are not voting members.  I don’t vote either, so keep that in mind! 😉  This team is faithful, dedicated, and driven to ensure MCS remains true to our core values of faith, family, and excellence!  THANK YOU, MCS SCHOOL BOARD!

Gifts for Growth

Please be sure to read the information in the blue gala file folder that was sent home yesterday.  We are asking for sponsors, donations, and volunteers.  This is IMPORTANT!  Our school highly depends on the funds raised at this event.  We are asking ALL PARENTS to get involved.  If you haven’t fulfilled your 20 volunteer hours yet, this is a great way to spend that time! Specific e-mails are given for particular areas of need, but you can also contact

Middle School Muse & News

Our middle school students have started an online newscast!  The entire school gets the latest news via video on their classroom smart boards.  The middle schoolers produce the program themselves – the writing, editing, interviewing, taping, and reporting.  Click here to see the latest report!