Magnuson Muse and News – February Newsletter

So much has happened since the last MCS Muse and News!

I was looking back at January’s newsletter and can’t get over how much has changed since then.  I’m reminded that each day is a precious gift from God, and that makes me not want to waste a single moment.  I marvel at the powerful way He works in our lives if we just pay attention to it.  Through life’s hills and valleys, God never changes.  What a beautiful promise to hold on to each day.  I love that He is our solid Rock, our sure Foundation.

Gifts for Growth Gala

We are ramping up for the gala.  I would love 100% attendance at the gala this year from everyone reading this.  We also need to invite others!  Ask your friends to come!  Ask your parents to come!  I already invited my small group and my extended family.  Galas are a blast!  I love perusing (and bidding on) the silent auction items There will be food stations this year which is new as well as a steel drum band!  There are fun games to play!  I love listening to the auctioneer and watching the paddles go up in the air as people bid on the awesome live auction items.  The atmosphere is energizing.  If you want to send paper invites to others, I’ve got some in my office.  Click HERE to register and get the early bird price now.  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and we need absolutely everyone to help make it a huge success.


2018-2019 Registration

Remember to enroll your child for the 2018-19 school year on our website.  Registration fees go up after April 1st (No fooling!)

Save the date for this year’s Color Run!   Saturday, June 2nd!

Running Club

If we have any parents that would be willing to form a running club this spring, please contact me, Cheri Buelow.  I heard the kids loved this after school club to get in shape for the big day!

Concordia Academy Camps

We sent home a booklet home with 3rd-8th graders about Concordia Academy Summer Camps.  There are some really amazing opportunities from theater, art, dance, photography, music, and lots of sports!  They have a CSI camp, a camp called Genuinely Great Girls that includes a Bible study on Proverbs, and a radio-controlled airplane camp!  Makes me want to be a kid again!  You can check it all out at