The Babatunde Family

Why did you choose Magnuson Christian School for Tomi and Jomi?

We really wanted an all inclusive school for our boys, and after sharing this desire with a family friend, she referred us to Magnuson. Indeed, Magnuson offers this and much more.

If someone were thinking about sending their child to MCS, what would you tell them?

I would say to them that this is a school where your kids would thrive both academically and spiritually. Additionally, I would let them know that their kids would feel safe and ready to learn everyday.

What is special about Magnuson?

I could write a whole page on this. However, I will sum it up by saying that Magnuson has a crop of teachers and staff who are wonderful and absolutely want the best for students. They go above and beyond their call of duty to make sure kids feel welcome and thrive under a great learning atmosphere. MCS is truly one big family.

How are you as parents involved in Magnuson Christian School?

My family volunteers at different events for MCS. I especially like the fact that parents can choose to volunteer from time to time and not just once during the school year. My husband and I both have Magnuson as our charitable organization for Target and Amazon. In the past, I have written reviews on Magnuson and also used Facebook as a “thank you” medium for Magnuson teachers.

Our sons, Tomi and Jomi, truly love being at MCS. Their academic and spiritual growth is outstanding. They come home each day happy and eager to share what they learned at school. The chapel aspect is also very impactful. I have attended a few myself. We are so blessed to be part of the MCS family.