The Biagi Family

Hi my name is Heidi Biagi, and myself, along with my husband Nick Biagi, have a daughter named Audrie who just started kindergarten at MCS this past fall. We live in St. Paul and are so thankful we have found Magnuson Christian School. Last winter my husband and I were really struggling as to where to send Audrie.

Nick had recently found out his cancer had come back to a different location and needed to start chemo, so locating a school had unfortunately been put on the back burner. We had already made the decision that we did not want Audrie in the St. Paul public schools, but we did not know where else to go and now with Nick starting chemo, our minds were completely occupied on him. We prayed extensively about schools and just weren’t sure what we were going to do. My mom had picked Audrie up from First Discovery Preschool at Eagle Brook Church and came home with a flyer for MCS. I thought, huh, it’s worth a shot. Nick had emailed the school and within a couple of days we were in there checking out the school. When we first got there we felt comfortable and thought this was it before even seeing anything. We met Sue, and she showed us the kindergarten class. They were all in there so quiet and learning Spanish, and we thought, “This is awesome. I’ve never seen a group of this many kids sit quietly for that long. They must be doing something right!” Mrs. Meyer had told us to let Audrie stay in there while Sue showed us the rest of the school. The more we learned about the school, the more we fell in love with it. When it was time to leave, Audrie did not want to go. She said these were her new friends and wanted to stay. We signed up that day! Audrie had a rough summer with her dad undergoing chemo, and then the first week of school started and I needed to get a pacemaker replacement. It’s an understatement to say that Audrie had to deal with a lot all at once, but MCS staff and her friends were there for her and she had so much encouragement from them that I don’t think she even had much time to think about all of the negative. The staff at MCS are so welcoming, and they make you know you and your child are cared about. They are like one big family who is there all the time. I never worry about Audrie at school which was one of our fears in the St. Paul schools. We know she is in great hands where she is, and she comes home every day happy and with a smile. She has always had a strong love for Christ, but her relationship with Jesus has grown so much. All she wants to do is help others and spread God’s love. We are so glad that she gets to go to a school where she can show her love for our Creator and learn about him on a daily basis while getting her education and making lifelong friends. She has also gotten a lot more confident in herself and is enjoying learning new things each day! Magnuson encourages parents to be involved, which we love. There are so many things to do and volunteer for that Nick and I are excited to get to know even more staff and parents. Magnuson was our little ray of sunshine during a dark time, and we praise God for putting this school in our laps so our daughter can grow in so many ways. Thank you MCS staff for all you do for our kids. It shows, and we couldn’t be happier!