The Carnes Family

Why did you choose Magnuson Christian School for Zach and Ali?

Magnuson felt like home. As we began planning for our son to attend Kindergarten, our main priority was a high quality education.  We toured and attended several other Kindergarten Roundups with all-day programs, but left these events feeling as if Zach, and later our daughter Ali, would be just another student in the classroom.

We were also surprised at the lack of programs that included Phy Ed, Music and Foreign Languages. Then we learned about Magnuson and fell in love with the community this small school built and the curriculum it offers. While having a Christ-centered education was not originally a strong priority, we are absolutely thrilled in how it has played a huge part in developing Zach and Ali, and how it will continue to provide a foundation for their life as they grow.

If someone were thinking about sending their child to MCS, what would you tell them?

At MCS, it feels more like an extended family.  Students have a nurturing environment that is highly conducive to learning.  The teachers know the students and are genuinely concerned about the growth and development of all students.

What is special about Magnuson?

The faculty at Magnuson is top notch.  They work hard each and every day to make sure all students are grasping the concepts that are taught.  It feels like they care about the students as if they are their own children.  This personalized approach makes you feel as if your child is the only child in their class at conference time.

How are you as parents involved in Magnuson Christian School?

We have been involved in several volunteer opportunities such as setting-up the school playground, helping with the Annual Bake Sale, contributing to the Marketing Committee, and many others.  These events have helped us to get to know other parents at the school and to help us to know that in Magnuson we made the right decision on a school for our children.

How have your children grown as a result of Magnuson?

We believe that Zach and Ali are not just better students because of Magnuson, but they are also better people.  They love school and look forward to learning and growing with their friends.  They care about their fellow students and love to help those that are younger in extended day when they can.