The Jacob Family

Why did you choose Magnuson Christian School for Olivia?

We wanted a faith-based environment where a relationship with Jesus is encouraged and nourished, not just on Sunday mornings.  We also wanted a smaller setting where we knew Olivia would be a name and not a number.

If someone were thinking about sending their child to MCS, what would you tell them?

Your children will be genuinely loved, extremely well-educated and apart of a family.  MCS provides a strong academic, healthy and spiritual environment.

What is special about Magnuson?

Every member of the staff personally knows our daughter which provides a safe, caring environment.  It provides not only strong academics, but a foundation for children that will help mold them and prepare them for their future.

How are you as parents involved in Magnuson Christian School?

We want to mirror what Magnuson stands for and provide love & support to those who may need it.  People truly come together to support not only the children but the families.

How has Olivia grown as a result of Magnuson?

Olivia’s faith grows more each year.  We see her applying Biblical thinking in her daily life and relationships.