The MacDougall Family

Our family found Magnuson because we were looking for a faith based Christian school. We lived in North St Paul at the time. We looked at the school and met the teachers; we fell in love with the school and the teachers that were very sweet and endearing.

I didn’t realize at the time that my health was going to give me a big turn in my faith and health. I have MS and the school was there to help my family in so many ways. We moved to White Bear Lake and I believe that through all my trials that the school and church were there for us through thick and thin. Jock, my husband, saw the goodness at the school and teachers, and told me that we need to stay with family no matter what. So now we have a kindergartner, 2nd grader and 6th grader attending the school. I am healing from my MS and the school and fellow parents have seen me and my family grow in huge strides. I believe that God is doing great things in the school. I will send my daughters there as long as there are teachers to teach there! In short, the school is blessed and a beautiful place for kids to learn and grow in their faith and knowledge.