The Rowedder Family

My name is Shelly Rowedder, and my husband’s name is Matt. We have one child Marik, who is a kindergartner this year. We live in Crystal, 25 miles west of White Bear Lake. You are probably wondering how we heard of Magnuson in the first place. Matt works for the City of Golden Valley, and I work for the City of Oakdale. I grew up in Oakdale and have family that still lives there and also in White Bear Lake.

Last winter I really needed to figure out where Marik was going to go to school. With Matt’s work schedule, I knew that having Marik go to school in our school district was out of the question. I needed to look for a school more towards the location where I work. I looked at schools in the district where his daycare provider lives and was not finding what I wanted for Marik. One afternoon his daycare provider mentioned to me where all her grandchildren attend school. They all go to Magnuson. She had a sheet of paper at her house with some information on it. I took it home, looked it up on the web, called there the next day, and set up an appointment to meet with the staff and tour the school.

There are a few words to describe the feelings I felt when I first walked into the school: wonderful, welcoming, safe, peaceful. We were led around the school to see the classrooms, some of the teachers, lunchroom, activity room, etc. Something inside just kept telling me, “This is it.” What stuck out the most was the size of the classrooms. They were not filled with 32 other kids. They had maybe half that, so the student to teacher ratio was something that I liked. We got to sit in on the kindergarten class for a few minutes to see what we were in store for. I was impressed just after a few minutes in the classroom. After leaving Magnuson that day, I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband about the school. I could now be at ease knowing where our son would be attending school in the fall.

Now that school has been in session for four months, our story grows. It grows beyond anything I thought possible! I have gotten to know many staff members and students. We feel like home here. The way the teachers go out of their way for their students is priceless. This is something I could only have dreamed about. Seeing how far our son has come along in so many different ways is pretty special. I love that he is going to a Christian school. I love that God gets to be a part of his daily routine, and I love seeing him grow this way. It makes me smile often listening to his stories. He has made many new friends, as have I. I try to help volunteer anywhere I possibly can. One of my favorites has been prepping for the Christmas Bake Sale. It has helped me broaden my horizons on many levels! I have enjoyed spending time together with great people for a great cause. I also love the monthly missions that the school participates in. It gives us as parents more ideas to help get Marik involved and help others in need. He enjoys it just as much as I do.

We are looking forward to the rest of the school year and what it brings. Thank you to the wonderful teachers and other staff members for making us so welcome. Thank you for making Magnuson such a warm and loving kind of school for our son as well as for us parents. From the minute I walked in the door for our tour, I knew we would be calling Magnuson our school.