The Schroeder Family

Why did you choose Magnuson Christian School for Charlotte and Dominic?

Ginny and I have been on a wonderful faith journey over the last 7 years.  When we met, faith was something we both had but did not entirely understand, nor embrace.

With a young, growing family, our realization that faith needed to be the foundation of our lives quickly became apparent.  As a child I attended both a Catholic elementary school, as well as a high school.  It wasn’t until I had children of my own did I fully recognize the value of my parents sending me to such schools.  When it came time for Ginny and I to select a school for Charlotte and Dominic, having a Christian Faith centered education was priority number one.  In White Bear Lake there simply aren’t many options.  After visiting the school and talking to the principal, teachers, and parents our decision suddenly became very clear.  Not only are our children receiving a great education in a loving and family environment, but it is centered on Jesus Christ.

If someone were thinking about sending their child to MCS, what would you tell them?

There is no greater parental obligation than raising our children, and education is a vital part of this.  I would encourage prospective parents to do their due diligence and visit other schools and ask all kinds of questions.  But as true Christians, we also need to examine ourselves.  We need to ask ourselves some of these same questions.  What do we value in our children’s education?  Am I supposed to raise my children according to the words of the Bible?  Do I need to lead by example and instill upon them the value of a Christian education?  If you’re anything like Ginny and I were, the answers to all of these questions would be a resounding yes.  Again, Magnuson allows us to offer our children a wonderful learning experience where they can pray and freely discuss and question the teachings of our Faith.  Lastly, do not let tuition be a deterrent.  Magnuson does offer financial assistance.  Pray about it and offer it up to God.

What is special about Magnuson?

The teachers and their dedication to raising wonderful children by following Jesus’ words and examples.  Children are not just a body in a seat at Magnuson.  They are listened to and loved yet challenged to become better students and children of God.

How are you as parents involved in Magnuson Christian School?

Ginny, more so than I (blushing) has always been involved with MCS.  She acted as the Volunteer Coordinator for a year.  She has helped in the classrooms and participated whenever possible.  The great thing about involvement is becoming a part of the school itself.  You integrate yourself with the culture and get to know teachers and parents along the way.  Plus, your children will love seeing you at the school.  Nothing can send a better message to our children then being involved.

How have your children grown as a result of Magnuson?

I am not even sure how to begin this comment.  Maybe by sharing some examples will better illustrate the impact this amazing school has had on our children.  My children openly and actively read their bibles.  They sing songs about Jesus and faith.  They are kind towards others and have a genuine respect for those around them.  Church is not an obligation but a privilege and they are very much a part of that.  My children ask us questions about God and his son, Jesus.  We are able to discuss these questions and not feel guilty because of it.  The school is doing exactly what we had hoped it would.  It is building a foundation for our children, one that is centered on Christ.  We pray this foundation will be the building blocks for their many years of education to come.

I personally feel the true measure of MCS will not be seen or felt until my children are older and able to look back and appreciate what a gift this was.  As I had mentioned earlier it was many years after I had concluded my education did I finally realize what a gift private school education was.  Ginny and I can only hope and pray one day our children will look us in the eyes and thank us for this opportunity.